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The Government Funding
for SAFED for Vans has
been extended.

SAFED Driver Training

SAFED Programme Development:
  SAFED is a complimentary driver development course, involving assessment & training. It's aim is to develop safe & fuel efficient driving skills of LCV drivers. It therefore should compliment a broader programme of driver training management.
Why Undertake SAFED Training
  During 2003 UK Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) activity amounted to 58 billion kilometres (Department for Transport statistics). Over 90% of this was concerned with the collection & delivery of goods, travel between homes & workplace or between travelling jobs. It can therefore be seen that LCv's can play an important role in the countries economy.
The SAFED Training Programme Benefits:

Numerous benefits exist for both companies and individual drivers as follows:-


Pilot studies demonstrate a fuel saving of between 9 & 10%


Reduced fuel costs


Reduced impact on the environment due to reduced emissions


Reduced down time due to road conflict


Reduced insurance premiums


Reduced journey times, wear & tear and driver stress & fatigue levels


Ease of transition from training to application of driving techniques

  Where organisations actively monitor & manage fuel use a fleet's fuel consumption can typically be reduced by 10%, with an equivalent cost saving.

By encouraging safe & fuel efficient driving techniques as part of fuel management your organisation will be making a major contribution to fuel savings and carbon emission reductions.

UK & Global Emission Statistics

Further Information on SAFED:
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