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Eco-Driving - Developing a Safe & Environmentally Friendly Driving Style
ECO-Driving is a proven & growing driving style that encompasses a style of driving that leads to a safe, considerate, comfortable, efficient, economic, environmentally friendly method that lead to reduced air and noise pollution & fuel savings for the individual and corporate organisation.

ECO - Driving can significantly contribute to reducing fuel consumption & pollution. This style of driving can therefore play an important role in achieving pollution reduction targets set by Energy 2000

Tread Lightly
UK Road Safety
ECO Programme


Tread Lightly

UK Road Safety have developed their ECO Driving Course to ensure that clients are equipped with the information and advice that will allow them to drive in a relaxed and stress free style. Through adopting this approach with driving savings in terms of fuel, emissions, whole life vehicle costs  will be reduced.

Safety will never be compromised to achieve fuel savings.

The course s a combination of in class theory and on road practical demonstration and coaching.



UK Road Safety: Eco - Driving Philosophy

In the recent years Fleet Driver Training and Individual Driver Training has often been concerned with maximising performance with handling and safety. This has not necessarily been fuel efficient and ecologically friendly, & will frequently lead to the wrong approach by drivers.

With fuel prices increasing and  pressure on Governments to reduce Co2 emissions ECO - Driving is a step in the right direction for both corporate fleet organisations and the individual motorist.

ECO Driving is primarily concerned with developing a planned & measured drive maximising safety for all & consideration for the environment through reduced emissions & noise and encouraging a relaxed and more stress free driving style.

Benefits of ECO - Driving:

bulletECO - Drivers use 10 to 15% less fuel than drivers without ECO Driver Training experience
bulletECO - Drivers produce a more comfortable, efficient, economic and vehicle sympathetic ride reducing wear, tear & reduced need for repairs
bulletECO -Drivers retain a greater understanding of their responsibilities to other road users & the environment well after training


Bristol City Council: ECO Driver Training & START Programmes.

UK Road Safety have recently completed an ECO Pilot scheme with Bristol City Council aimed at reducing the carbon foot print and encouraging a more relaxed and stress free style of driving for those that work or live in the City of Bristol.

Bristol City Council ECO Driver Training UK Road Safety Ltd

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ECO Driving Information

The programme has been made available to those within the City of Bristol and is partly subsidised if attendees undertake fuel monitoring prior to and after the course.

Many Bristol City based organisations and individuals have taking advantage of this scheme and are realising that ECO driving has far reaching benefits in terms of reducing fuel costs, encouraging a more relaxed and stress free style of driving and contributing to carbon foot print reduction.

For more information on this please contact:

UK Road Safety Ltd:

Tel 01452 347332 or 01172 306018


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Bristol City Council : ECO Driver Training UK Road Safety Ltd

United Kingdom & Global ECO Statistics: Since 1st January 2012

Total Miles Driven

Fuel Consumed (Million Tons)

Co Emissions (Million Tons)

Global Co2 Emissions (M Tons)

Road Casualties Great Britain: 2005
Carbon Emission Savings in UK by Reducing Speed: Since 1st January 2012


Co2 Emissions Tons 70 mph (Million Tons)
Co2 Emissions Tons 60 mph (Million Tons)
UK Energy Research Centre: 2006
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