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Road Safety - Everyone's Business




UK Road Safety believe that Road Safety is Everyone’s Business and not just those who have responsibility for Education, Publicity & Enforcement or those unfortunately caught up in the consequences of driving and conflict on the road.

We aim to design & deliver Road Safety Education, Fleet Driver Training & Driving Instructor Training programmes to the highest achievable standards whilst exceeding our client's expectations.

Client Driven Approach To Road Safety:

As one of the UK’s specialists in Fleet Driver Training & Driving Instructor Training we adopt a client-orientated approach in the design & delivery of road safety education programmes.  Working closely with companies, organisations and individuals we endeavour to develop individually tailored Road Safety, Fleet  Driver Training & Company Driver Training Programmes meeting the needs of all involved.

A Proactive Approach To Road Safety:

Irrespective of whether an individual, company or organisation undertakes a road safety or Fleet Driver Training programme, the results reach beyond those directly involved.
Programmes result in drivers having a greater understanding of their responsibility and how this may affect their company or organisation. This is demonstrated through enhanced driving techniques, improved behaviour and a more responsible attitude.
Such an improved approach to road safety & driving by the individual will lead to an enhanced public image of a company or organisation by the public, saving in running costs and safeguarding individuals and company or organisations assets.
Above all the safety of the individual driver, passengers and the general public is improved.

In addition to the individual benefits of enhanced safety, organisations will see a reduction in their overall fleet fuel costs, vehicle incident rates, down time, insurance premiums and general maintenance costs.

Benefits of Fleet Driver Training programmes are often far reaching beyond the company, as information is disseminated through family and friends.

Fleet Driver Training:

Aimed at reducing the personal and financial costs to a company or organisation of road traffic incidents involving staff and the public.

Some 65% of road traffic crashes/accidents involve a vehicle driven on company business.

Companies are not immune from the real costs of crashes/accidents involving staff whilst driving in their own time for personal and private business. Added to the personal suffering of employees and families, organisations can suffer tremendous financial loss through down time, lost production etc when a partner or family member is involved in a road traffic incident.
Work Related Road Safety: Employers Responsibilities

The benefits of such programmes extend beyond the company or organisation as information is disseminated to family, friends and the general public.

Courses can combine both theory and practical training. The theory aspect looks at the risks to individuals and offers coping strategies tailored to the organisation. The practical in-car assessments and training raise awareness of the individual driver to their responsibilities.

Minibus Driver Assessment Scheme - MiDAS & D1 / D1+E Training

MiDAS is the Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme, organised by the Community Transport Association U.K. (CTA) which promotes a nationally recognised standard for the assessment and training of minibus drivers. It is a membership based scheme that has been designed to enhance minibus driving standards and promote the safer operation of minibuses.

UK Road Safety are currently the only organisation based in the South West of England that provides the Minibus Driver Assessment Scheme - MiDAS, that use exclusively fully trained fleet registered DSA approved trainers with both National & international training experience and SAFED trained.

MiDAS Training has a number of different elements to it these are:

Training & Assessing drivers of standard minibuses


Retesting of drivers of standard minibuses


Training & Assessing drivers of accessible minibuses (disabled access)


Retesting of drivers of accessible minibuses (disabled access

The MiDAS training programme is split into several sections, these being;

Theory Training


Driving Assessments & Training


Theory Exam


Retesting of drivers of accessible minibuses (disabled access

D1 / D1+E Training
  UK Road Safety are able  provide full training and advice with regard to obtaining both D1 & D1 +E licence.

For further advice please contact our office.

SAFED - Safe & Fuel Efficient Driving (ECO Driver Training):

Designed as a single course aimed at improving the safe and fuel efficient driving techniques of HGV/PCV drivers.

UK Road Safety Ltd ECO Driver Training programmes benefit both drivers and organisations as follows:


Reduced crashes by the fleet with associated reduced costs


Reduced fuel costs through more efficient driving styles


Motivated drivers who have received high quality training


Introduction to improved fuel management practices to help improve fleet management


Reduced maintenance requirement through improved vehicle sympathy


No impact on journey times


Fuel consumption can be reduced typically by around 10%

For further information regarding the SAFED scheme click on the link below for our PDF document or contact UK Road Safety Ltd.

PDF Leaflet

Fleet Driver Instructor Diploma:

UK Road Safety's Fleet Driving Training Instructor Diploma Course has been developed in line with the Government's Road Safety Strategy and casualty reduction targets for 2010.

We aim to enhance your existing skills and knowledge, whilst at the same time introducing and encouraging new skills along with an increased awareness of the Health & Safety issues affecting ADI's & Fleet Driver Training.

Incorporated into the programme is a module relating to the development of presentations skills aimed at providing the skills necessary to prepare and design presentations using a variety of media.

Our Fleet Driver Training Instructor Diploma programme brings together the essential elements required of those wishing to be involved in Fleet Driver Training and includes:-


Health & Safety with regard to the Approved Driving Instructor & Fleet Driver Training


Theory Presentation: Skills and Techniques


Theory Testing (DSA reviewing national requirements 1st April 2003 H.P.T)


Own Driving Standards


Fleet Driver Assessment Ability


Fleet Driver Testing Ability

To be successful, you must demonstrate:

Through your driving, an ability to reach an advanced standard. Have a sound knowledge of RoadCraft the Highway Code  & Motoring Legislation.
Undertake the 100 question Fleet Driver Training Theory Test Paper - 85% pass mark.
Give a 15 minute personal presentation on a subject of your choice (OHP Projector, PowerPoint, Flip Chart & Whiteboards will be available).
Reach the required standard to instruct and assess Fleet Driver Training at an Advanced Level.

Courses are arranged to run either over a full week or one day a week spread over a five week period (depending upon demand).

Fleet Driver Training Instructor courses are run in a rural setting near our offices in South Gloucestershire just off junction 14 on the M5.

Driving Instructor Training: South West 

At UK Road Safety we believe that the key to success in developing an Instructor of high quality able to deal with the future developments in Driving Instructor Training and Education is, providing a structured high quality flexible Driving Instructor Training programme with full support at all stages in a programme.

Client Orientated Training:

UK Road Safety is unique in it's Driving Instructor Training in that we endeavour to provide structured training programmes to suite the individual.

Our approach is to have separate modules for each part of the 3-part qualifying process. This allows clients to only pay for the module that they are undertaking at the time rather than pay for the whole programme in advance. In this way it allows you to spread the cost of training to suit your individual needs.

Each client/trainee is allocated an Individual Course Tutor who will see your training through to the end.

Currently UK Road Safety Ltd provide Driving Instructor Training in the South West of England.

However, residential courses are available to those who wish to travel further.

Driving Instructor Training



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